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Get Into The Gardens: Simple Watering Strategies

Get Into The Gardens: Simple Watering Strategies

Su Reid-St. John  and daughter Zoe continued their weekend series on container gardening.  Last Saturday’s focus was on simple watering strategies to keep your container plants looking vibrant through the up coming dog days of summer. Su demonstrated the effective uses of having a drip irrigation system.

Container plants are like family pets: the more attention you give them, the better they behave. But it’s not always easy to give plants the care they need, particularly when hot or dry weather means daily watering.
A simple, automated drip-irrigation system, which applies water slowly and directly to roots, frees you from hand-watering and helps eliminate harmful fluctuations in soil moisture. Plants respond by growing full and lush. And you’ll never have to drag around another hose. For more information on using an automated drip-irrigation system check out http://bonnieplants.com/library/drought-busting-techniques/.

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