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The Gardens welcomes new Louise Agee Wrinkle Native Plant Intern

The Gardens welcomes new Louise Agee Wrinkle Native Plant Intern

The Gardens is excited to share the news that our second Louise Agee Wrinkle – Native Plant Intern has been chosen by Kaul Wildflower Garden Curator John Manion. Her name is Jennifer Davidson and she’s a recent graduate of the University of Alabama, where she earned her degree in Environmental Decision-Making. The focus of her studies were environmental policy and ecology.

Jennifer says: “In college I studied ecology and environmental policy, but my hobby was always gardening. As an environmentalist, I value all life on earth, but my passion is plants. Thanks to my plant biology class and others like it, I realized that plants were the most fascinating living things on the planet.”  
And: “When I ponder my dream job, only three things are clear: I want to work outdoors, I want to work with plants, and I need to contribute to the conservation of nature.”
Jennifer has a rich background of work and volunteerism, including being a gardener at Huntsville Botanical Garden and spending time as a volunteer on a cocoa plantation in Ecuador. 
Dr. John Clark, one of Jennifer’s professors said, when speaking of her enrollment in his classes held in Costa Rica and Ecuador, that: “Jennifer acquired skills in plant identification and collections-based research on biodiversity. In particular, Jennifer was outstanding relative to her peers for recognizing plants to family because of her enthusiasm for learning plant morphology and family characters.”
The first day of Jennifer’s internship will be Monday, May 11; John has a very stimulating and meaningful summer planned for her. She, like our intern last year, has applied for a scholarship to attend the Cullowhee Native Plant Conference.

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