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Trillium Treasures

Pictured: Trillium flexipes

Trilliums normally take from five to eight years to flower when propagated from seed, thus few nurseries carry them, and when they are sold, they are frequently prohibitively expensive. If you ever find flowering-size trilliums that are not pricey, question if they were dug from the wild, something we strongly discourage.

We recently have had the rare opportunity to connect with a person who has been growing trilliums from seed for 20 years and does not sell them until they reach flowering size.  They are sold in special tube pots that are nearly a gallon and the plants, when leafed out, are about a foot tall and eight to ten inches wide.

We will be selling these plants at our Spring Plant Sale, but decided to take pre-orders so that more people will be able to grow this iconic spring wildflower. The four species available, all of which do well in Alabama, are (click on photos to enlarge):

  • Trillium cuneatum, sweet Betsy, purple toadshade

  • Trillium luteum, yellow wakerobin, lemon trillium

  • Trillium sulcatum, southern red trillium, furrowed wakerobin

  • Trillium flexipes, nodding trillium, bent trillium

The price for these treasures is $15 per pot, and for a preorder we need a minimum order of five plants. If you prefer to purchase single plants, we will have them at the Spring Plant Sale, while they last. Included with each order will be complete planting and cultural information.

If interested please go to this page, print it out, fill in the appropriate spaces and return it to Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens by mail or in person We must have your order in hand by no later than February 20, along with your payment (no cash, please). Plants will be available for pickup beginning March 1. Should our source run low, we will fill orders in the order they are received.

Note: A well-known, popular specialty nursery is selling these same plants for $22-$26, plus shipping!

Questions? Please contact: John Manion, Kaul Wildflower Garden Curator at jmanion@bbgardens.org

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