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“Forever Wild” – What You Need to Know About Amendment 1

Monday, November 5th, 2012

A message from Executive Director Fred Spicer 

My employer, Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens, is not a political organization. However, with a mission to educate people about plants, gardens and the environment, we feel an obligation to urge you to support Alabama’s Forever Wild program by voting “yes” on ballot Amendment 1 on November 6. As an organization that places high value on the native plants that sustain the extraordinarily high biodiversity of our state, fifth highest in the nation, we hope that you will support this important program that is doing exactly that. At the same time, it is securing the future of Alabama’s wildest places for future generations of Alabama residents and visitors, making these places accessible to the public, and doing so in a wonderfully economical and sustainable manner. Personally, I think when groups as diverse as the National Rifle Association and the Sierra Club (among dozens of others) are on the same side of an issue, we all ought to take notice. Rarely do we have such a chance to seize this special piece of common ground for the benefit of so many both now and in the future. 

To get all the facts on this important issue, to learn how Forever Wild uses no tax dollars and how the land must be purchased only from willing sellers at market prices, go to Your vote will help secure Alabama’s beautiful and unique natural heritage.