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2014 Annual Member Celebration

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

[Dr. John Floyd, Birmingham District 2 Councilor Kim Rafferty, Birmingham Botanical Gardens Executive Director & CEO Fred Spicer]

2014 Annual Member Celebration

On Thursday, January 23, Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens held its Annual Member Celebration at the Garden Center. Continuing its year-long, 50th anniversary celebration, The Gardens hosted an evening themed as “Looking Back, Growing Forward,” in which it reflected on its rich history and teased a bright future with Executive Director & CEO Fred Spicer.

[Kara Scholl, Shelly Lindstrom, Kristen Murphree]

[Chris Boles (Board Member), Dona Musgrave, Mimi Boston]

[William A. Lalor, Mindy Lalor, Zhaleh McCullers]

[Ed Meadows, Janie Meadows, Andrew J. Noble, Tricia Noble (Past President)]

[Mary Boehm (Board Member), Courtney Pigford, Jay Pigford, Christopher Boehm]

[Charles W. Daniel, Lyndra Daniel]

[Elizabeth Broughton (Board Member), Emily Bowron (Board Member), Leah Hazzard]

Meet the Tastemakers: Floral Designers (photo by Leah Hazzard of “Living with Flowers”)

Monday, October 1st, 2012

Meet the Tastemakers: Floral Designers (photo by Leah Hazzard of “Living with Flowers”)

Some of Birmingham’s best arrangers have been paired with this year’s Tastemakers to provide stunning arrangements for each booth)

Mountain Brook Flower Shop

Malloy Love

Lagniappe Designs

LoLo’s Flowers

Lois Owen & Kathy Miller

Flower Buds

Ray Jordan


Jon Martinez

3 Graces

Leah Hazzard

Dorothy McDaniel Flowers

Leaf & Petal

Lydia Pursell

Uncut Flowers

Michael Dyer

GG’s Flowers et al

Giner Clark

Christopher Glenn

Meet the Tastemakers: Leah Hazzard – Living with Flowers

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

Meet the Tastemakers: Leah Hazzard – Living with Flowers

What began as a pass along family tradition became a career. Leah believes that designing an event mirrors the passage of flowers: from seed, to bloom, to full blossom. An event, large or small, unfolds in much the same way. Flowers are an expected way of everyday life for Leah. Following her grandmother’s influence, flowers later became a career that was second nature. Leah’s early years were spent in the Mississippi Delta nuturing everything green, both food and flowers, gathering all that was planted, and delivering all to delighted recipients. This southern way of life became a family tradition.

Anticipation of the garden’s bounty was only half the fun. Planning the garden was also a family affair with all the grandchildren participating. Most requests were honored and room made for them to grow. Ah! Waiting for first bloom! Anticipating the visits that came along with deliveries of the bounty even more so. In Mississippi, these visits became events. They were always a community affair. Flowers made them beautiful.

Those early family traditions along with life’s many travels melded into Leah’s design approach. One of the main characteristics of her work is her innate ability to interpret her clients’ wants and desires. Leah then makes it happen by transforming space, large or small, filling it with flowers and “favorite things” making it uniquely theirs. Ultimately creating an environment that reflects her client’s vision for the occasion. The results have often been described as alchemy. Certainly they reflect the 3 Graces: Beauty, Charm and Elegance.

Leah’s eye for color, texture and compostion has been in demand for everything from a simple bouquet on the bedside table to lavish weddings and balls. Even so, helping friends prepare their homes for intimate entertaining, celebrating and creating their own family traditions (like Christmas) remains one of Leah’s favorite endeavors.

The non-profit sector of the Birmingham community has been a huge inspiration and learning experience for Leah. Through these community involvements she has been blessed with the opportunity to work, learn and play with an amazing array of talented and resourceful women dedicated to excellence in the Birmingham non-profit community. Over the years, some of these fund-raising efforts featured world-renowned floral artists, Birmingham’s own world-class “flower ladies,” premier gardeners from home and abroad and garden tours. Leah flourished, proving that one can truly “Bloom Where Planted” in Birmingham.

It is in this area that 3 Grace Design came into being. After college at the University of Tennessee, travel, marriage, children and years of being the “Decorations Chairman” in community as well as personal endeavors, the Southern family traditions instilled by her grandmother came full circle.

Leah’s work has been featured in: Birmingham Home & Garden, flower magazine, Portico, Reader’s Digest, Alabama Brides and Over the Mountain Journal.