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2011 Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon

Monday, December 12th, 2011

(L to R: Barbara Burton, Frances Blount, Shannon Blount)

2012 Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon

On Thursday, December 8, Birmingham Botanical Gardens hosted its annual Volunteer Appreciaton Luncheon, recognizing some of its most gracious individuals that have given time to The Gardens in the last year that has allowed prosperity. A crowd of nearly 150 gathered in the Ruth B. Strange Auditorium for a potluck luncheon. Entertainment was provided by The Crestwood Trio, featuring Melanie Rodgers, Chris Griffin and Niamh Clarke. Director of Education Henry Hughes presented Kathy Rostand with the Educator of the Year award. Special Events Coordinator Shelly McCarty presented Carol Beard with the Plantsperson of the Year award. Executive Director Fred Spicer presented the Herb Army with the Volunteer Partner of the Year award. Director of Library Services Hope Long presented Virginia McLean with the A. Brand Walton, Jr. Volunteer of the Year award, and Director of Development Olivia Alison presented Frances Blount with the Ida C. Burns Volunteer of the Year award. Blount served The Gardens as honorary chair for Antiques at The Gardens in 2011, raising over $390,000 to fund educational programs like Discovery Field Trips, the flagship program that has served over 85,000 students in the metro Birmingham area at no cost.

Educator of the Year: Kathy Rostand

Plantsperson of the Year: Carol Beard

Volunteer Partner of the Year: The Herb Army (L to R: Marian Van Voast, Donna Taylor, Chris Boles, Joyce Dean, Maria Kearny, Donna Musgrave, Ann Garrett, Mimi Boston, Robin George, Winyss Shepard, Suzanne Hovater)

A. Brand Walton, Jr. Volunteer of the Year: Virginia McLean

In the Crowd: Cocktails in The Gardens 8.11.11

Friday, August 12th, 2011

(L to R): Mignon Arrington, Emerald Greywoode, Katy Eldridge, Alyson Saad, Christine Green, Kasdin Miller

(L to R): Beth Perrine, Matt Perrine, Lindsey Roebuck

(L to R): Ashlyn Rogers, Angela Grove

(L to R): Dehanna George, Latavius Lockhart

(L to R): P.K. Koski, Amber Burton

(L to R): Joey Tichenor, Brad Hudson, April Hudson, Blair Ussery

(L to R): Sandra Owens, Andrew Krebbs

(L to R): Shelly McCarty, Stephanie Banks, Michael Hansen

(L to R): Brittany Evans, Katie Garfinkle, Savannah Lanier