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Kids Enjoy Winter Evergreen Explorers

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

This Saturday, children participated in our Winter Evergreen Explorers class at The Gardens. For more information on all of the adult and family educational opportunities we have to offer at The Gardens, visit

We visited The Gardens and befriended the evergreens. We were fascinated by the pinecones found on many of all shapes and sizes. We learned that seeds travel and that pinecones hold seeds inside!
We made our own paper in different colors and sang songs about recycling. We played games with pinecones and acted out a play with the cones as our stars! We took home longleaf pine (our very own state tree) seedlings to plant at home so we can remember the friendships we made with the trees today. Thanks to International Forestry for donating our seedlings.
This Saturday break with nature was refreshing and fun! Can’t wait to find out what our next Saturday class with Mrs. Mary and Mrs. Fontaine will be!

Children Enjoy Fall Pumpkins Class at The Gardens

Monday, October 31st, 2011

On Saturday, children participated in our Fall Pumpkins class at The Gardens. These youngsters tested pumpkins to see if they rolled, sank or floated. They acted out a play about how the pumpkin grows from seed to fruit on the vine. They tasted roasted pumpkin seeds and even planted their own mini 3 Sisters garden to take home!

Make your plans now to join us for our next special children’s class, Winter Evergreen Explorers, coming up on December 17! Click here for more information and to register today!